What is 'Buran' made for?

Or how to make your own adult tube in 5 minutes.
Buran is 'Content Management System' (CMS) that allows you to create tube sites very quickly, without deep knowledge in programming or HTML/CSS/JS.

Why do we do sites like this? Not for fun, certainly. Adult sites bring huge income to their owners, if the sites have traffic (visitors). Buran CMS developed to make webmaster's life easier, providing bunch of easy-to-use features to MAKE & MANAGE adult tube sites QUICKLY and EASILY.

Buran makes your sites look User and Search Engines friendly. Great surfer's involving & interaction (bounce rate, time spending on site) metrics of your site brings you more traffic from the search engines like Google.com
$0.00 - Buran CMS is free of charge for small sites.
You may use free versions as long as needed. Get your installer (user manual).

So what exactly Buran CMS does?

  • Create fully featured adult tube, with best videos listing, best categories listing, niche page listing, video (player) pages
  • Built-in search engine across site's content
  • Keywords pages with relevant, SE friendly content
  • Automatic translation of niches/tags to up to 28 languages.
  • Advanced thumb rotation. Best thumbs on the top of each 'niche' pages
  • Thumbs rotation based on country groups. Each visitor will get most popular content based on stats of his country!

Server requirements:

  • PHP version 5.4, 5.5, 5,6, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3. The last one is recommended.
  • ionCube PHP Loader
  • Redis 3.2.0 and newer
  • PHP Redis module
  • Intl PHP module (for multi-languages support)
  • MySQL
  • Apache or Nginx web server. The last one is highly recommended.


Outstanding performance, lots of modern features, easy to setup and use


To let you briefly look up Buran CMS from inside


Our best deal for now

Demo version

Free version with some limitations.

  • Fully featured CMS engine
  • 20+ Languages support
  • Database limited by 10k records
  • 1% of traffic skim.
The demo version can be upgraded to paid one anytime you want.
Moreover, our installer installs only demo-version, which you can upgrade in your client area on this site. Download demo-version!

Sign Up

In order to install demo version of the script (to get you 'Wallet ID', that required for installation), or upgrade your versions - you need to register here. And then just download installer (user manual) and run it on your site.